Sunday, May 26, 2013

For Richard

Pictures of ice on river

SIDECAREST get together May 25,2013

In February of this year I received a e-mail addressed to Current and Past members of USCA (united side car association) from Dan LaPann who is the state representative for this association.

Informing me that they were trying to get a gathering together for a type of meet up.

Out of a possible 16 members Dan said he only had 10 e-mail addresses. He mailed invitations to folks without e-mail, but didn't expect folks from Juneau, Haines, Sitka to attend. 

Well it happened

From L-R
Sharon-Bob, Dan-Sophi LaPan, Richard Machida, Dom Chang

The campground area, pretty hard to believe a couple of week ago this whole area was used for a snow dump area for the town.

Don getting some water heated

Dan travels with a tent trailer on his sidecar. A couple years ago he took his daughter down to Disney World in Florida. Dan is a single parent and what  great memories he is building for his daughter Sophi.
My dad took me from Alaska to Florida to see Disney Land in a sidecar. WOW
Neat family

Dom's Orange Ural named Valencia

I've been following Dom's blog for a while, I enjoyed his pictures and the fact that he was riding in the winter in Colorado. I saw he was taking a trip up to Alaska in ADV rider  and it seemed to fit in his time frame so I invited him to the gathering in Talkeetna. He ended up staying with us for a while and using our house as a temporary home base while he was exploring the south central part of Alaska. You should check out his blog great pictures fun reading

The tent and sunshade in front or Don's outfit is mine. If it's raining, I put the sunshade up first then I'll have a some what dry place to put tent up with. This has been a great practice run for our upcoming trip.

It was great finally meeting Richard Machida face to face. We had exchanged thoughts on sidecars back and forth on ADV rider

                                                             It was a great weekend

Monday, May 13, 2013

Information on Prince of Wales Island

This is the area that we are planning on going to this summer  with our sidecar unit
Check it out

Working with the spot tracker

Well today Dom and I took a short trip out to the end of Knik Goose Bay road. I was curious if we could ride a trail that I found last year that could get us down to waters edge. The road down to the water was two rutted up by big pickups and I didn't want to deal with the mud.

Also I was trying to use the spot by putting in the tank bag, well that didn't work, if you have to have a clear shot at the sky through a  window it will work,but if it's covered up by anything it won't be able to transmit to a satellite.

On the side of this page you'll see track us via spot when we take our trip to Prince of Wales Island you'll be able to see where we are on the trip in real time, should be fun. That was a trip me and Sharon did on mothers day to get some plants from Alaska Mill and Feed.

It was kind of neat, when Dom went down to Homer and Seward I put a post on ADV rider fo folks to keep an eye out for a guy driving a orange Ural. Someone came back and said the next day that he saw someone heading the other direction towards Cooper Landing. Well I checked his Spot and it showed him being in Seward and he was on his way back Wasilla, now this is all real time folks I saw him on my computer and then he called me from Subways asking me what type of sandwich I wanted

Any way we then tried to ride up Burma road  this is the road that I laid my bike down on, well its not really ready

We then grabbed a quick lunch at the Tug Bar I had a hot dog Dom had a burger and we headed home

When we got home I remembered that I had a holder for my spot unit that I had used while snowmachining
I realized before that the Spot needed a clear view in order to operate.

So I installed the mount on my rear luggage rack this way its not in the way and it has a clear view of the sky

This movie I filmed in the previous posting is when Dom (I'll add more about Dom later) and I took a trip up to Hatcher Pass. I had my GoPro camera attached to the front of my side car. I started the camera near the house and started filming. The road from where I started filming to the end is nineteen miles, the film ended up being 31 min. long. I did the editing to cut it down to it's present 6 min length.

Dom works in the IT industry and showed me how to get started putting this blog together, add photos and movies. We tried to do it with my computers but sadly,nothing that I had was up to the job to do the editing.

He gave me the parameters that I would need in a new Windows based unit, but it would end up being a special order and still might end up being unstable in the long run. The next option is getting a MacPro which I could just pick up at the local Apple store. So I think that the way I'm to go

The day we went up to Hatcher Pass  we stopped at the Mad Hatcher's on the way to Eklutna the food was real good. and I found out that on the weekends they have Prime Rib nights

Dom who drove his Ural up from Colorado

Saturday, May 11, 2013