Thursday, July 31, 2014

Our first stop in the Pacific North West

Even though we had a 6hr. delay on leaving Haines Alaska by shortening our stays in the ports between Haines and Bellingham we were able to make it to Bellingham on time.

I also heard rumblings that we had to be on time or the Longshoreman wouldn't be around to dock us. Guess they have a pretty strong union

Bellingham Terminal

Just before we left the protection of the inside passage they had us all go to the car deck and re-check our tie-downs

The Raven was the first bike in line

Joe from Southern Illinois

Bob and Len From NewJersey
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Len added a neat accessory for his riding  pleasure
Bob, Len, Tom ,and Joe

There were quite a few bikes on this trip, there was about 10-12 bikes that were from the east coast. From what I understand the bikes were consolidated, shipped to Washington, the owners flew in, got on their bikes, got on the ferry and then spent their time touring Alaska. When it was over they reversed the process.

Anyway our friends Bruce and Kathy (whom we met last year during our trip to Prince of Wales Island) being true to theirs words met us in Bellingham and traveled with us in their jeep. it was great since they knew the whole area we wanted to tour in. Additionally they had a membership to private campgrounds all the way down the coast.

The first campground  we went to, was in LaConner Wa. It's only about 40 miles away from Bellingham but it gave us a chance a better chance to arrange our gear and lock down our travel plans.

La Conner is a town in Skagit County, Washington, United States with a population of 891 at the 2010 census. It is included in the Mount Vernon–Anacortes, Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area.

I guess LaConnor would actually be considered a artist community there are just a lot of shops that sell things. I mean everything.

A neat Zen Garden
Zen Garden

Visions of things to come

Shoppers Paradise

Oh did I mention it rains a lot here.  

Rain Forest


Club House at Campground

La Conner

Next Stop is Seaview Wa. with a stop in Seattle

Monday, July 28, 2014

Recapp 2014 PCH

After rereading my last post dated July 12, I couldn't believe how depressed I was at the time. The ride we had just completed seemed to have left a real bad taste in my mouth.

Everyone around us at the time had asked Sharon if she could drive the sidecar back home. well of course she couldn't.  She probably could have taken it for a short run, but not from Northern California back to Alaska.

The Hospitalist with St.Joseph, the Doctor that finally admitted me gave me a hard time for being a old guy and taking a trip of that size, but in reality my physical statistics and blood work is a lot better then guys a lot younger then me. I ended up with a bad case of double pneumonia but with antibiotics and rest we'll do that ride again

After spending eight day in the hospital in Eureka Ca. with pneumonia, I was released, on Monday July 14, but only after promising my doctor that I would contact my primary doctor as soon as I got home. 

We were under the impression that Ship my Ride was going to pick up the Raven on Tuesday but after calling about the pick-up, we were told it would be Wednesday afternoon instead. The driver was coming out of Williams Ca. which is about 4hrs. away from Eureka.

The truck is here to pick up the Raven

First and last ride for a while, to the back of the motel property to put on truck

From here on the driver (Mario) took control

Mario pushed the Raven up on the Trailer and began securing it 

Mario did a great job securing the Raven

All secured for travel

Here is a link to the company that I used 

I was so glad that everything was starting to come together, we were not able to plan on moving forward until the the bike was taken care of. We just felt uncomfortable to leave Eureka with the Raven parked in the parking lot of a hotel.

It was 4:00 in the afternoon and we had to start hustling to try to get home. Did I mention Eureka doesn't have a airport, but the town of Arcata does. In fact A nurse in the hospital told me to check with Orbitz about ticketing. 

We opted for calling a travel agent to assist us. Trying to get a one way ticket for the next day we knew was going to be expensive. The agent at first gave us a price of $1279.00 per person. Wow but what can a person do. The agent checked a little more and came up with a price of $871.00 per person which is the same price that I had seen on Orbitz.  We jumped at it, even though the agency charged us $70.00 to make the arrangements.  The flight was due to leave at 5:00 in the morning,  that means we had to be there by 4:00 AM.  We made arrangement with the cab company for a pick-up at 3:00AM to take us to the airport. So with everything halfway under control we made a trip to one of the best pizza places I've ever been to. It's called Live from New York Pizza

With a full belly we went back to our room to pull our stuff together for for our early morning cab ride. We only came back with whatever we were able to stuff into a couple of backpacks. Everything else we had was locked in to the bike and sidecar. Sharon set it up so I would have assistance at the airport to get from point a-b and thank god she did that, Sacramento and Sea-Tac are huge airports. We called our family friend Michelle Clare to pick us up in Anchorage.

Stuff we didn't for-see 

Eight days in a hospital
Twelve days in a hotel
Twelve days of cab fare 
Two one way tickets from Eureka CA. to Anchorage Ak.
Cost of shipping Raven home

I'm planning on finishing my report because the ride was beautiful, please stay tuned

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Moving Down the Highway

Kathy and Bruce met us at the ferry friday

Since then its been a quick pace to get out of the cosmopolitan area, on the 28th we ended up in Seattle, Space Needle Pikes Market

Kathy Sharon Bruce

Fish Slingers couldn't catch a picture

Original Starbucks

Traffic !!!

Space Needle

On the 29th  we went to Mount St. Helens ( really something to see)
But it was raining most of the day

Absolutely  nothing like riding thru the Cascades on a motorcycle   

Cobra Fans

On the 30th we circumnavigated Mt. Rainier
And went to both visitors centers

Took a ferry and ended up in Seaside Oregon 

First day of SUN


Sunset at Seaside

More to come