Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 26, 2013 Wed. Day 15

Wednesday June 26, Day 15
We spent the whole day on the ferry.

At 4:00 am the fog horn was blasting it continued for a while, so I got up out of a deep sleep, looked out on the deck and could only see fog.  Wow, Bob get up, but of course Bob didn't.  So I grabbed my I-phone, ran on deck and started to take pictures.
We were sailing through the Wrangle Straights near St. Petersburg which was our next stop.
This passage was very narrow, at times you felt as if you could touch the trees from the boat.
But early this morning we were in a thick fog, wow was it spooky.
The navigator of the ship had a narrow path to travel between the island ahead.
He had to stay in the center, we were told, because it was only 26 ft deep and only in the center.
We were surprised a ship our size could travel in waters that were that shallow.

Then to my surprise here comes another ferry though the fog.
I was so excited, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
What a feeling to see two large ships passing in the fog.
Boy, was I glad I got up when I heard the fog horn blowing so I could see and feel the fog.
Bob got up and came out on deck, so he experienced some of the fog.
He took my picture.
We then went to the Cafe and had morning coffee.
The fog was now lifting
It was about 7:00 am now and the sky was changing.
Look how low some of the clouds are near shore

As the day went on the view became clearer.
Service Dog in the cafe relaxing on board.
View from deck
Tub boat pulling a barge loaded with supplies coming from Seattle. 

Bob and Steve enjoying each others stories.
Steve is 70 and has a girlfriend in Anchorage, he lives in Las Vegas and they visit each other.
Steve pulls a Air Stream with an SUV and a kayak on top, you will see it in another picture.
We might get to meet with them during his stay in Alaska.
Look close at dark spot in picture, a pod of whales.
We were now leaving Haines heading to Skagway when everyone was going crazy taking pictures
We were running from front to back on deck
All cameras in hand: I-phone and Bob's Olympus

They finally surfaced 

When anyone on the ferry sees a water spot they shout and everyone runs with cameras.

We were very lucky that day.
Moe the ranger, gave a talk on Whales the day "now you see them, now you don't".
So after that talk everyone on the ferry was whale watching and fortunately someone spotted the pod of whales.
Coming into dock at Skagway I was able to see this eagle.

Nice bike.
At the last minute his girlfriend was uncomfortable to ride on the back.
So he took the trip alone and saw our Raven.
He is now thinking of getting a side car so she will go next time.

Honda Goldwing, this is his 49th state he has been to by bike.
He will be heading our way and we might meet up with him.
Bob talked him out of riding to the Arctic Circle.
He said when he spoke to his wife on phone, she was glad to hear that Bob talked him out of that trip.
We also gave him some fire crackers for bear while he is camping.

Two KLR bikes owned by two ladies who just completed a dual sports class in Washington State.
Now on their way back home to BC and to explore the world.
Neat gals, good for them!
Vehicles parked on the lower car deck nice and cozy

Even large buses are onboard.

Well, it's 3:00 am and we have just landed in Skagway.
We're gonna find a room and get a few hours sleep before we start the next day.
Good night - Talk to you tomorrow.

June 25, 2013 Tue. Day 14

We learned how to use the caption tool on the blog, so now the description will be on the bottom of the pictures.

Tuesday June 25 in Ketchikan, we leave at 7 pm on ferry for Skagway, so we toured downtown Ketchikan for the day.

Cruise Ship in dock downtown Ketchikan, about 3,000 people including crew.
Four different ships arrive daily and in Juneau, Skagway, only one or two in Haines, Seward, Sitka, thousands visiting this state daily

These cruise ships are huge.  Look at me, left on dock in blue jacket, in proportion to the ship. 
Bob wore a red hat on the trip, he told me that when we lost each other in the crowds, I would be able to find him
because of the red hat.  Boy, was he right!
Three dogs touring Ketchikan from car.
 Tall Tale Taxidermy, father and daughter Louie and Diane.
Great Shop! This store had all the stuff I love.
I bought a Buffalo hoof, Devil's Claw bark and a jar of salve, 2 rough turquoise stones, and 2 pieces of coral.
Being in this shop was great, I could feel the energy from all the natural relics.
Tom Birch and his dog Minnie.  We met Tom at the Tongass Trading Co.
He is in shipping and receiving. Lived and worked in the area since high school.
Fascinating tunnel through mountain, one way traffic.

Bike displayed in the Masonic Temple.
The cross walks are amazing. When you just put one foot onto the walk any car coming immediately stops.
I wish this was the law in Wasilla.
The tourist all have an identification badge hanging around their neck, as a pass to get back onto the ship.
This is a photo of tourists, lined up, getting back onto the cruise ship.
It reminded me of cattle loaded into shutes for shipment.
Logs used as a little fence, but love the moss grown on them.
Typical tourist picture.  Streets are empty because the cruise ships are leaving, the town looks deserted.
This picture speaks for itself.
Bob said, "no way, could we take this bench home on the sidecar"!
Creek Street
A shopping area along a creek, which is open to the sea and at times  you  can see different types of sea mammals.
In the 1900 this was a bordello area. Now it has been transformed into shops and restaurants.
On our earlier visit to Ketchikan we saw seals in the creek.
More shops decorated with old stuff
The train in this photo travels around the room on a shelf.
Bob and I thought this would be a great way for me to display the old trains I have had in boxes for years.
I just didn't know how to display them.  We might try this in our garage-maybe!
Pipes and faucets connected with water running through a nice display.
Stopped for lunch at an Irish pub right off Creek Street.  It is located in the old historical district.
 Most store and restaurants close after the Cruise Ships leave, but many business that are owned by the locals (other shops are owned by the cruise ship companies) will stay open.
It is nice to not have hundreds of people walking around you like, "the night of the living dead". holding their big purses and looking lost.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't dislike tourist, there are many we enjoy talking to, but then there are some who look like they hate the trip.  Funny!
Bob buying some pop corn that we will eat on the ferry tonight.
All the towns sell it, we usually by the Chicago style mix which is Cheese corn and Carmal corn mixed.
These corn shop are owned by Garrett's Corn Company which originated in Chicago.
You can smell the corn walking down the street and it really is a dejavu for Bob and I from our Chicago days.

It's close to 7 pm and we are now in line to load onto the ferry for Skagway.
We will be on the ferry for 1 1/2 nights.
Bob met Malcolm on the ferry, during the first leg of our trip, Malcolm works for the Marine Hwy.
 Malcolm, is a cousin to Mark from Metlakatla, Alaska.
 Bob is connected to Mark through ADV rider, a motorcycle forum.
What a small world it really is
Parking the Raven on the lower car deck of the ferry.
The Raven settled in for the ride, on the car deck.
Bob settled in for the ride on the lounge deck.
Pluged in and writing the blog.
We bring extension cords so we can plug in our phones and computer.
But no wifi.
The cafiteaa on the ferry is clear, the food is good and many choices.
Meeting up with Moe McGee, the Alaska Forestry ranger who does  talks on the ferry about the areas.
We met her on our 1st leg of the trip and got a chance to see her again and we were able to tell her about our trip so far.
Moe is the one who connected us to Bill Altland in Craig. She also knows Robin and Don Powell old friends of ours.
 Like I said, "small world".
Eagle perched on light pole waiting to spot dinner in water below.
View from ferry as we docked in Juneau while passengers left and others  boarded the ferry.
We will stay on the ferry until Skagway, the ferry will stop in St. Petersburg and Haines to board passengers.
Good Night for now, talk to you in the morning.