Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 3, 2013 Wed. Twenty Second Day Last Day of Trip

July 3,2013   Wednesday  Day 22
This is our last day on the road, without any unexpected delays we should be home tonight.

This is our last morning on the road.  We stayed at Young's motel in Tok, Alaska, which is next to Fast Eddy's.

This is our order: "The senior breakfast",
we thought we would eat light since we've eaten so well on the whole trip.
No scale, but we think we have gained some weight on the trip.

The lady at the next table order this cinnamon roll, it is as large as a dinner plate!
 I really wanted to order this cinnamon roll, but instead I took a picture of it.

Down the road to Glennallen

Great blue sky and white clouds, what a day.

Stopped for coffee in Mentasta.
Small native village.
When we got there they were delivering lunches to seniors in the village.
The owner had made some homemade pumpkin bread, I was fortunate to be given a piece.

Parked in Mentasta this huge travel bus pulled in the parking lot.
A 40ft. motor home, Harley Davidson Bike on the back and a Jeep.
Some people travel with it all.
I think we will just stay with the Raven, a simpler mode of travel.
The following pictures are on the Tok cutoff road it connects the Alcan to the Richardson Hwy.

The sky stayed blue and the clouds were huge and white. Great view.

Met some guys from Chicago and a couple from Kansas.
on left Tom Godar and on right son Josh Godar
Stopped at Caribou Inn for dinner.
Last meal on the road.
The Home Stretch - Glenn Hwy. going home.

Sign said, "Watch for Falling Rock" no kidding!

A little rain on the way home.

Our driveway - Home Sweet Home!!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 2, 2013 Tuesday Day 21 Touring

July 2, 2013   Tuesday   Day 21
Leaving Destruction Bay, heading home.
We are still in Canada, on our way home.

The road ahead is not good.
All gravel

The mountains along the way our beautiful

Driving 21 days and Bob is still going strong.

Jim and Dorothy Cook and dog Buddy
Owners of Rock Shop and gas stop in Beaver Creek
We always stop to visit.

Bob visiting with bikers from Brazil, only one spoke English.
They flew into Anchorage, rented bikes, and with a tour guide are traveling Alaska.

Most of this group from Brazil has already traveled around the world,
they just had Alaska left to explore.

Last stop before customs.
Buckshot Betty's has good food.
We always run into people we meet along the road, they seem to all stop here for lunch.

Still in Canada.
More road construction

Waiting for pilot car.

Very bumpy and uneven road.
Everyone kept asking, "Does the road get better"?
No, not until you get into Alaska.

We are now leaving Canada

International Boundary

Entering Alaska 

As we entered Alaska and went through customs, the  customs agent questioned us about
the wood on the bike.  He said we could not bring something like that from Canada into Alaska.  I continued to tell him that I got the Devil's club in Alaska on Prince of Wales Island.  He called another man to the window and he asked us to prove it.  Finally he let us go with the Devil's Club.
Stopped at a rest stop, a camper truck came driving in, the guy got out and went over to Bob, they hugged.  I thought , who was this man.  Well turns out it was Jens, a German guy, we met Sunday at Bostjan's Bar-B-Q.
As we travel on this trip we find it to be a small world, we run into people we know or who know someone we know.

This is the Jade zipper pull given to me by a new friend, Laurie Jonasson.
Bob also has one.
Thank You Laurie for the good luck keepsake.

Homeward bound.

Stopped at Fast Eddy's in Tok, Alaska.
Bob met Alcan Rider (Jack) on the far right who Bob knows from the ADV riders form.
He was hosting a Brazilian bike rider from Florida, who drove up from Florida.
This guy ran into the other riders from Brazil, he said he didn't know them and when they started talking in his language
he was shocked.  He never thought he would run into guys from his native country here in Alaska.

I had to put this picture on the blog.
Bob almost ordered the Ultimate Nachos, I talked him out of it.
So when the guy at the table next to us ordered it, Bob saw it, and he thanked me.
It is enough for about six people.

Years ago we complained about how the teens were always on their phones texting.
Well, times have really changed, because now you see even the older people on their phones.
I've been noticing that in 2013 everyone is connecting even us.
I guess it is a sign of the times.

Spending the night Fast Eddy's -Youngs Motel
Tomorrow is Day 22, our last day on the road.