Monday, May 26, 2014

Sidecarest get together In Talkeetna Alaska 2014


Last year 2013    Dan LaPan 
The Alaska Representative of the United Sidecar Association 
Sent out a e-mail to quite a few folks that were members to the USCA
To have a little informal get together on Memorial Day weekend
And of the folks that either moved lost interest or had other commitments 

We ended up with four sidecars showing up

Dom was touring Alaska from Colorado with his Ural at the time and he took the time to visit before he went back to Colorado
Sharon, Bob, Dan, Sophi, Richard, Dom

This year we haven't had any rain in about a month and a half. And the state is like a tinder box waiting for some fool to be a little careless. The Kenei  peninsula has quite a few fires and the area is known world wide as Alaska's premier Salmon fishing area of the state

Wild Fires

Dieter Schreiber and his wife Karen with Richard talking about the benefits of a airhead. This was Dieters first time at this type of event

Richard chilling out in the shade 

Dan's sidecar and camping kit

Dan guarding the fire

Quite a few campers this year

My camping kit

Richard's kit and sidecar rig with his Cozy sidecar

Dan put his sidecar away for the evening

Sharon & Karen

Dan's outfit

Going to breakfast 8:00 AM

Sharon and our host Dan

Dan Outfit

My outfit

Added a Ravin design to the side car

Nice trike  was in town this weekend

Getting Ready for our trip down the Pacific Coast Highway

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Annual Bike Blessing

On May 18 last year Mother Nature gave us her last winter kiss goodbye

Back Yard

Front Yard

This year on the 17th we had our annual Bike Blessing at the local Harley Shop,

You get a chance to see all types of outfits, here a fellow that does a lot of camping with his wife the trailer carries a full sized bed
And the sidecar carries his food and camping gear, while they are traveling the wife rides two up neat outfit

Every model and style was represented. A good showing

But the best set of bikes were ridden in by a couple of young men, who pulled their bikes into line
Grabbed a couple of hot dogs and checked everything out

Memorial Day is Scheduled for this coming weekend 23, 24, 25, 26. And we're set up to do another Sidecar get together

Last year we had our first Sidecarest get together in Talkeetna Alaska

From left to right
Bob and Sharon, Dan and Sophie, Richard, Dom

We'll probably have a lot more green in the picture this year

Dom was a traveller from Colorado and drove his Ural up to Alaska

Monday, May 19, 2014

Reconnaissance Ride To Hatcher Pass

The Ride

Your able to zoom in at any point of the map

On the fifteenth of May, I wanted to see how far I would be able to get up Hatcher Pass road from the Willow Side. The road itself isn't officially open till July 4 because there is still about quite a bit of snow in the pass

So I called up three of my friends to see if they wanted to give it a go. Jeff said he would have to pass this time because he had to go back to work

The guys from Willow Alaska, Mark, Steve(W/Day-Glo helmet) and Dave in front. Both Mark and Dave are running Airheads

Noah with his Ducati Multi-Strada

From left to right
Noah, Steve, Dave, Mark

Back at Mark's place telling stories

Thanks for the Hospitality Mark

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Burma Road South Central Alaska

April 29th it was decided to do a short ride without doing a lot of highway riding I had suggested going down Burma road. Going in from Big Lake it is a real neat twisty route and a lot of sport bikes ride the paved part just for that. We how ever are going to extend the ride to a primitive back road. The orange underlined items are short clips.

A friend of mine put this film together and since he has a lot better skills then I have, I asked for permission to add to my blog, Thanks Noah

The Route via Garmin

This is a snapshot of the total ride that I uploaded from my Garmin
It's neat because you can zoom in and move around on the map

Part Of The Ride Itself

A idea of what the ride was about

Meet up at Big Lake exit from Parks highway

Getting ready to hit the road

The ride is on

Water Hazard

Near the Port at Point Mackenzie 

Across the water is Anchorage

I thought this was a neat picture with a military plane prepping to land at Joint Base Elmandorf 

The Bikes

The Riders

Before we called it a day I took the guys to a place I've been going for about 4 years.
A trail through the woods will take you to a point where you can get right up to Cook Inlet

But the trail down was all chewed up by pickup trucks, the wheel spacing on the side car is a little narrow to follow the same tracks. So I didn't drive down.

Beautiful Location

The View Anchorage in the distance

And then it was time to get out and get a burger

But First

Getting a little stuck

Getting out of the mud bog

Four Years Ago Same Road By Myself

180 Degree turn around in a 10th of a second