Monday, September 8, 2014

Hatcher Pass Ride over 9-7-14

Two of my friends, Dom and Richard  got involved in the Ural international rally day for

2014 on 9-6-14

Well there are not that many BMW sidecar rigs in Alaska so I decided to take the Raven for a ride across Hatcher Pass

Such a beautiful day Denali was even out, picture taken from Willow Ak. 

I was hoping the RV would move but they were having lunch

A little closer to the Hatcher Pass Cut off

This is one of the better rides in the south central area

This is a picture of some Fireweed that I took during a ride to Homer Ak. last year. Most folks have heard the story that when the Fireweed reaches the top, there are about six more weeks before the snow starts to fall.

Well after they reach the top and the fall weather catches up they really become fireweed

Still have some time left

Great fun exploring around 

Road starts a slow steady climb. it's hard to believe  that you ascend 6,639 ' of elevation during this ride

But the views are worth it

Hundreds of Alaskans out enjoying the day berry picking

Looking back where I'm coming from,  on the left hand side of this part of the road there is a 1,000 ft drop off

Still haven't gone over the top yet

We crossed over the pass and on the way down to the Palmer side

Pulled over to take some pictures

I was really surprised to see this monster behind me

These last two pictures were taken up at Summit Lake about a week ago. I wasn't able to find a place to park this time because of all the people parked and watching this sport.  

It was a beautiful day