Friday, August 1, 2014

Second Stop In Pacific Northwest

After spending a damp night in La Conner, and getting a rough idea of what we wanted see, we headed out to the Emerald City. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about just jumping on the interstate. Since I haven't been on that type of highway in a long time. But it was just like riding a bike. Some things you just don't forget. And fortunately my 1200 GS was up to the 75mph race to get into the city   

And then we were in the city

First stop the famous Pikes Market

An awful lot of people shopping

The colors of all the flowers were beautiful

This is were they toss the salmon, but there was such a crush of people and they only seem to do it on the half hour so we missed it.

Good Sized Tails


A great story here

Howdy Friend

Beautiful Art Work

We made it to the Space Needle

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Our first stop in the Pacific North West

Even though we had a 6hr. delay on leaving Haines Alaska by shortening our stays in the ports between Haines and Bellingham we were able to make it to Bellingham on time.

I also heard rumblings that we had to be on time or the Longshoreman wouldn't be around to dock us. Guess they have a pretty strong union

Bellingham Terminal

Just before we left the protection of the inside passage they had us all go to the car deck and re-check our tie-downs

The Raven was the first bike in line

Joe from Southern Illinois

Bob and Len From NewJersey
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Len added a neat accessory for his riding  pleasure
Bob, Len, Tom ,and Joe

There were quite a few bikes on this trip, there was about 10-12 bikes that were from the east coast. From what I understand the bikes were consolidated, shipped to Washington, the owners flew in, got on their bikes, got on the ferry and then spent their time touring Alaska. When it was over they reversed the process.

Anyway our friends Bruce and Kathy (whom we met last year during our trip to Prince of Wales Island) being true to theirs words met us in Bellingham and traveled with us in their jeep. it was great since they knew the whole area we wanted to tour in. Additionally they had a membership to private campgrounds all the way down the coast.

The first campground  we went to, was in LaConner Wa. It's only about 40 miles away from Bellingham but it gave us a chance a better chance to arrange our gear and lock down our travel plans.

La Conner is a town in Skagit County, Washington, United States with a population of 891 at the 2010 census. It is included in the Mount Vernon–Anacortes, Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area.

I guess LaConnor would actually be considered a artist community there are just a lot of shops that sell things. I mean everything.

A neat Zen Garden
Zen Garden

Visions of things to come

Shoppers Paradise

Oh did I mention it rains a lot here.  

Rain Forest


Club House at Campground

La Conner

Next Stop is Seaview Wa. with a stop in Seattle